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Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, Lawn Care Professionals

We can work on any lawn, in any condition, anytimeof year, at any budget.

We are your authority on grass! That is our #1 focus. We provide all the applications and services required to give you the green, thick and healthy lawn you want, and in an environmentally friendly way. Your lawn, your property value, your budget and your free time is our #1 priority! We service residential and commercial properties as well as sports fields. The Grass Authority can provide you the right product, at the right time, using the best application method using only licensed and certified technicians! Contact us after you get the yellow flyer on your garage or the knock on your door at dinner time when you want it done right at the correct time of the season! Don't have your lawn aerated or thatched in February or March!

Call us today for more information and to schedule service 503-620-HELP (4357).

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